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What is gold-filled Jewellery?


We choose to use 14k gold-filled components for most of our creations, unless otherwise stated. This is beacuase gold-filled materials are superior to gold plated and gold vermiel. This high quality product ensures a lifetime of wear and is ideal for all including those with sensitive skin. 

Gold-filled jewellery consists of thick layers of genuine gold alloy that is bonded to a base metal such as jewelers brass. All of our gold filled pieces follow the strict regulations outlined for gold-filled jewellery. In the U.S.A  gold-filled items legally must be composed of 5% pure gold by weight. We only source our materials from reputable wholesalers who comply with these regualtions and produce high quality materials.

Gold-filled jewellery is a beautiful alternative to solid gold. Due to the process of how gold-filled jewlery is produced, the genuine gold layers will not rub off or fade away such as  it would with gold plated jewelery. What's more is that gold filled-jewellery is composed of 100+ times more gold than gold plated components. It is resiliant and can last a lifetime with proper care. 


I have sensitive skin, can I wear gold-filled jewellery?


Gold-filled jewellery is much like solid gold in the sense that those with sensitive skin can wear gold-filled jewellery with no irritation. Rarely some find that they have a reaction to pieces that are gold-filled. This is most likely due to a senstivity to gold. It's important to remember that everyone is different and that our bodies can react differently than those of others.


Can I sleep and shower with my gold-filled jewellery on?


While exposure to water won't affect your gold filled piece, harsh soaps and chemicals can affect the lustre of your gold filled jewellery. In addition to that most of our items are made with natural stones and pearls. Some of these materials are cosidered to be soft stones. Constant exposure to water and chemicals can erode at these precious stones.

You can sleep with your gold-filled jewellery on. Keep in mind that jewellery still gets dirty. Removing your necklaces before bed will keep them clean longer. If you notice your necklace isn't looking as sparkly as it normally does it probably needs a good wipe. Using a silver cleaning cloth is a great way to wipe off the grime. You can also try using a mild soap and water, gently wipe with a cloth that you would use to clean your glasses or your phone screen with.


Can I return my purchase?


Due to the sensitive nature of our products we do not accept returns. Please take a look at our return policy for more information.